Instrument Management System

Bumblebee is a system for managing instruments and other resources (e.g. analytical equipment) that must be shared between a number of users. Bumblebee is designed to be more efficient than a calendar on the wall or a whiteboard for both users and administrators. Bumblebee is also able to generate reports of resource usage with breakdowns by user, research group and research project. (more »)

Bumblebee is highly configurable, with the operational parameters (such as the timeslots that it is available) configurable for each instrument. The permissions of each user and the rate charged for each project can also be individually configured. Usage reports and invoices can also be generated in a variety of formats including CSV and PDF. (more »)

Some screenshots or the Administrator's Guide might help you get a feel for what Bumblebee is capable of achieving.


Bumblebee is licenced under the GPL and is available for download. Offers of help on the codebase and ideas for additional features are most welcome.


Developer documentation updated (2006-09-18)
The developer documentation has been updated to the latest CVS snapshot.
New version (2006-08-01)
Version 1.0.6 is available: minor enhancements only. abbreviated ChangeLog
Developer snapshots being released (2006-05-25)
Developer snapshots of Bumblebee are now being released (download). These should be data-safe but expect to find a few bugs as you go. Testers welcome!
Initial public release (2005-09-05)
Version 1.0.0 of the Bumblebee codebase is now available for download.
Screenshots (2005-08-17)
Updated screenshots are available.
User testing (2005-06-06)
Bumblebee is being used by Chemistry at the University of Melbourne for the management of 12 instruments and around 200 users.

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