The tentative plans for the future of Bumblebee have mapped out, but feedback is most welcome.

Version history & Changelog

 2006-08-01 Stuart Prescott 
   * 1.0.6 release
   * feature: phone numbers can be included in the calendar too 
     (closes #1517835)
   * feature: allow the comment field on the calendar page to be moved to the 
     top (closes #1517836)
   * feature: provide additional config options for sending mail under win32 
     (closes #1532742)
   * bugfix: fix off-by-one error in list of groups whose reports are attached 
     to the email (closes #1532744)
 2006-06-25  Stuart Prescott
   * 1.0.5 release
   * bugfix: turn off web browser form autocompletion by default 
     (closes #1494893) 
   * feature: include user-specified text on the login page (closes #1494989) 
 2006-06-13  Stuart Prescott
   * 1.0.4 release
   * bugfix: fix "Calendar" link after editing/deleting bookings 
     (closes #1487332)
   * bugfix: sanity check that the BasePath is a directory for session handling
     (closes: #1487330);
     include same sanity checks in installer script
   * bugfix: fix startticks error on editing bookings by initialising field
     properly (closes #1487399)
 2006-04-28  Stuart Prescott
   * 1.0.3 release
   * bugfix: allow timeslot discount and comment to work on the same slot 
   * bugfix: change action calculation to not use PATH_INFO at all; 
     now works under PHP CGI module (closes #1477103) 
   * bugfix: assume that a null value for discount means 0. 
   * bugfix: work around PHP session.auto_start; also allow for externally 
     started sessions (from some CMS framework) and make sure the session 
     cookie is only available to the Bumblebee installation (closes #1473112)
   * bugfix: change the default mysqldump command line so that it doesn't 
     require grant LOCK TABLES do backup the database under MySQL 4.1 and 
     MySQL 5. 
   * feature: new installer script with error checking on user values and 
     compatability with MySQL5 (closes #1473020)
   * feature: allow admin to reset password and turn on extra login debugging
     info just using the config file
   * bugfix: user can now change password if email or phone number is not set
 2006-03-27 Stuart Prescott
   * 1.0.2 release
   * bugfix: calendar display contained duplicate bookings when coming out of
     daylight saving time
 2006-02-06 Stuart Prescott
   * 1.0.1 release
   * feature: Cc the logged-in user on billing emails
   * bugfix: viewing consumable usage not updated to new deletion framework
   * bugfix: masquerading class not available to non-sysadmin users
   * bugfix win32: don't use %e in strftime
   * feature: LDAP authentication enabled
   * code docs: comments converted to phpdoc style
 2005-09-05 Stuart Prescott 
   * 1.0.0 release
 2005-08-25 Stuart Prescott
   * tagged as 
   * help system on activated
   * allowed user-specified path to mysqldump + options 
   * deletion of objects no longer deletes from database instead uses deleted
 2005-08-12 Stuart Prescott 
   * Fix calendar display so that out-of-slot bookings made by admin don't break
     grid pattern 
   * Fix booking validation so that non-admin users can make bookings that start
     or stop at non-slot times if those times but up against another out-of-slot
   * Change CSS to reduce problems of half-hour table cells being given
     zero-height and rounded back to previous hour 
   * include location of instruments in the view instrument list 
 2005-07-06 Stuart Prescott 
   * Version
   * max days in future now enforced on calendars not just optional, admin
 2005-07-01 Stuart Prescott 
   * Version
   * enabled a maximum number of days into the future that calendars are
     displayed for 
 2005-06-27 Stuart Prescott 
   * bugfix: instrument time slot rule didn't stick on instrument creation 
   * add instrument supervisors and email them on booking
 2005-06-18 Stuart Prescott 
   * make PDF export more configurable from ini file 
   * create interface to allow userclass name to be edited by admin 
   * combined report format as PDF 
   * email PDF reports to either logged in user or to supervisor 
 2005-05-24 Stuart Prescott 
   * included bulk-discount model into billing system SQL 
   * permit shelling into templates with improved menu code
 2005-05-19 Stuart Prescott
   * fix up to magic_quotes_gpc handling (wouldn't it be nice if it could be
     turned off at runtime?) 
 2005-05-12 Stuart Prescott
   * first cut at installing script 
   * admin can now view a list of deleted bookings for each instrument 
   * $TABLEPREFIX now added to all table names
   * booking cleanups (incl. IE6 compatability changes) 
   * user password + radius auth incl 
 2005-03-18 Stuart Prescott
   * Initial implentation of checking booking permissions for non-admin users 
   * added duration of booking dropdown based on timeslot pattern  
   * Added booking slot requirements to monthly and daily instrument display 
 2004-12-15 Stuart Prescott
   * display a calendar view of a selected instrument
   * create users and groups
 2004-07-19 Stuart Prescott
   * first admin functions built on OO db+forms layer
   * remove billing features until rest of system matures sufficiently
 2004-06-08 Stuart Prescott
   * Initial public announcement
   * non-OO mock up to see feasibility
   * some user testing and expressions of interest sought

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