Users are able to log in to the system and make bookings. Users must be members of projects so that they can assign a project to any booking they make, and must be given explicit permission to use an instrument.

It is suggested that you first create the research group then create the projects and finally create the users.

Each user has the following details:

The unique login name for this user. (e.g. jsmith)
The full name of the person as should be displayed on the calendar and in usage reports (e.g. Jane Smith)
Email address of this user, used in generating email lists and on the calendar display.
Contact phone number (currently unused)
If checked, it prevents the user from logging in.
System Administrator
If checked, gives the user administrative privileges over the system.
User Authentication Method
You can mix local users (whose password is stored by Bumblebee) with users that have their passwords managed by an external authentication system such as RADIUS or LDAP.
Enter the password into this field to change the password for local logins. Note that Bumblebee cannot change the password for external authentication systems such as RADIUS or LDAP authentication.
Project membership
Select which projects this user belongs to (frequently, this will only be one project). If you use all available slots, then you will be given more next time.
Instrument permissions
Select which instruments this user is permitted to use. Without this permission, the user is unable to view the calendar for this instrument nor make bookings on it.
Instrument permissions: Subscribe announce
Add this user to the "announce" email list for this instrument (see email lists)
Instrument permissions: Subscribe unbook
Add this user to the "unbook" email list for this instrument (see email lists)
Instrument permissions: Instrument admin
Give the user permission to masquerade to make bookings as other users on this instrument, to delete other users' bookings and to type in times rather than being constrained by the defined time slots.
Edit Users
Edit user details

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