The consumables that you make use of in your lab (or rather those that you really want to keep track of) can be entered into Bumblebee. This system is designed for costly consumables that are supplied by a Bumblebee administrator and the user would be charged for their consumption. Examples might include such as cuvettes for a spectrometer, tips for an Atomic Force Microscope, attendance at training sessions and consulting time spent on others projects.

Each consumable has a unique name given to it that is used as a "product code" in the reports generated by the billing functions. A short name that you would normally give to the consumable or the manufacturer's part number (providing it's fairly clear) make good choices. The long name or description will also be used in reporting usage to the group leaders.

The unit cost of the consumable should also be entered into this form. Don't include currency symbols ($ etc) in this field.

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