The billing reports function will only work if you have the optional (and free) FPDF library installed. It generates a set of PDFs (one for each of the Groups selected) that summarises the instrument and consumable usage. These PDFs are desgined to provide group leaders with information about how the instruments have been used over the billing period.

The PDFs include four sections:

Instrument usage breakdown
A summary of the total hours used (and the group's liability) is shown for each user and each instrument for which usage has been recorded by projects within that group.
Instrument usage costs
For each instrument, the total effective days used by this group, the daily billing rate and the total cost are shown.
Consumable usage breakdown
For each user, a summary of their consumable usage is shown, along with the group's liability for this usage.
Cost summary
A summary sheet showing line items for each instrument and for each consumable is included with the quantity used and the unit cost. The "quantity" reported incorporates the liability of the group for the usage and the daily discount costs (if applicable) such that quantity × unit cost = amount.
Generate billing reports
Generate billing reports

As there are multiple different PDFs generated, it is not possible to deliver them through the web browser, so they must be emailed. You may elect to have these PDFs emailed to the email address recorded for the currently logged in user or to the email address recorded for the leader of each group. It's always an idea to email them to yourself first and then to the supervisors at a later stage once you've checked that everything has worked OK...

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